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Conferences and lectures


  • "Tracking the Phrygians", Arbeitstagung der Indogermanischen Gesellschaft: The Secondary Homelands of the Indo-European Languages, Leiden University, 05/09/2022, in Leiden, Netherlands (online). Presentation.

  • "The Graeco-Phrygian Hypothesis", Spring Seminar in Indo-European Linguistics, University of Belgrade, 24-26/05/2022, in Belgrade, Serbia (online). Presentation.


  • "The Origin and the Development of Phrygian si-formations", International Workshop on Phrygian, Universitat de Barcelona, 18/09/2021, in Barcelona, Spain (online). Presentation.


  • "Conditioned Palatalization in Phrygian", Comparative Indo-European Linguistics Seminars, Leiden University, 10/07/2020, in Leiden, Netherlands (online). Presentation.

  • "Implications of Old Phrygian Inscription B-07 for the Reconstruction of Proto-Greco-Phrygian", Belgrade Winter School in Indo-European Linguistics, University of Belgrade, 14/02/2020, in Belgrade, Serbia. Presentation.


  • "Phrygian and Its Neighbours", MuMiL-EU Final Congress, Università Sapienza, 26/06/2019, in Rome, Italy. PresentationHandout.

  • "On the Etymology of the Greek and Phrygian Words for 'woman'", Ljubilej, Indogermanische Gesellschaft Arbeitstagung, University of Ljubljana, 06/06/2019, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Handout.


  • "Introduction to Phrygian", Philipps-Universität Marburg, 19-20/11/2018, in Marburg, Germany. Presentation. Primer.

  • "Early Contact Between Phrygian and Greek", International Colloquium on Ancient Greek Linguistics 9, University of Helsinki, 01/09/2018, in Helsinki, Finland. Handout.

  • "Sound Changes from Old Phrygian to New Phrygian in an Areal Context", Beyond All Boundaries: Anatolia in the 1st Millennium B.C., 19/06/2018, in Ascona, Switzerland. PresentationHandout.

  • "Characteristic of Lexemes of a Substratum Origin in Proto-Germanic", International Colloquium on Loanwords and Substrata in Indo-European languages, Université de Limoges, 06/06/2018, in Limoges, France. Handout.

  • "Gordijski vozel: fonetične značilnosti nove frigijščine" (Gordian Knot: Unravelling New Phrygian Phonetics), Linguistic Circle, University of Ljubljana, 14/05/2018, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Presentation. Handout.


  • "Uvod v frigijščino II" (Introduction to Phrygian II), University of Ljubljana, 19/12/2017, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Handout.

  • "Uvod v frigijščino" (Introduction to Phrygian), University of Ljubljana, 09/10/2017, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. PresentationHandout.

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